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Fiscal Code, VAT no. and Padua Business Registry no. 04937500280, R.E.A. PD 430007 Fully paid up share capital € 5.000.000,00, company subject to management and coordination by AGF88 Holding S.r.l. info@. ANTIARANCIO CAPELLI COLORATI CON TONI SCURI Trattamento professionale formulato con uno speciale pigmento blu ad alta concentrazione che neutralizza i riflessi rame/rosso/arancio donando ai capelli colorati con toni scuri un riflesso freddo, omogeneo e luminoso. No, colour won’t lift colour. Is it important to do the sensitivity test before trying Fanola colours? Yes, it is. 48 hours prior to getting your colour done. How do I know if I should use No Yellow or No Orange shampoo? No Yellow’s violet pigment was designed to counteract yellow tones in blonde hair. No Orange Shampoo is suitable for coloured hair with orange tinges and dark shades. It gently cleanses and neutralises undesired copper/red reflections, leaving the hair more shiny and hydrated. This shampoo is best used as a pre. NO YELLOW VIOLET BLEACHING CREAM Boosted with violet micro pigments with an anti-yellowing action lightens up with a balanced, gradual action, leaving the hair soft, shiny and protected. Thanks to the creamy texture with highly conditioning oils, it can be applied easily and safely, and adheres more effectively to the hair, minimizing the yellow effect.

Szampon Fanola No Orange neutralizuje miedziane, pomarańczowe odcienie na włosach. Produkty Fanola No Orange są dedykowane włosom farbowanym w ciemnych odcieniach. Nie należy ich stosować na włosy rozjaśniane i z. Ladies and gentlemen, in the blue corner we have No orange Blue shampoo and in the purple corner we have No Yellow Purple Shampoo.Which one will prove to come out the winner of being the best toning shampoo for blondes? There have been some arguments as to which Fanola. PETTENON COSMETICS SPA having its registered office at via del Palù, 7/D 35018 – San Martino di Lupari PD – Italy Fiscal Code, VAT no. and Padua Business Registry no. 04937500280, R.E.A. PD 430007 Fully paid up share capital € 5.000.000,00.

No Orange Mask is suitable for coloured hair with dark shades. The mask disentangles, nourishes and hydrates, neutralising undesired copper/red reflections. The rich, concentrated formula leaves the hair extraordinarily soft. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Fanola No Orange Shampoo at. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I accidentally found a YouTube review for Fanola No Orange and well. I’m now in love. I honestly just did not know that there were blue based shampoo toners out there. I’ve tried the Fanola No Yellow and hated it so much that I almost didn’t buy the No Orange. I’m very, very glad that I did anyway.

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